Time Changes

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Please Help My Mornings!

R.M. asks from Los Angeles

My children have to be up at 6:10am for school as they have to be out the door by 7. This is fine for my 7-year-old daughter who wakes up happy as a clam no matter w...


14- Month Old Waking up at 5Am

S.F. asks from Peoria

I have a 14 month old who just in the last few days has begun waking up at 5:45 or earlier (this morning at 5am)! He was finally on a great sleep/nao schedule and I ...


Should I Allow My 17 Yr Old to Drive 3 Hrs at Night? Her Boyfriend Will Be With

J.W. asks from Dallas

Her boyfriend will be in the car with her but he is not a licensed driver. They are following his parents 3 hours away innthe day, and she wants to drive them home at...


Life with TWIN Girls...

N.S. asks from Los Angeles

Life with twins isn't easy...I have 1 year old twin girls...I am still kinda new to this "Mommy life" I am BIG on researching before I do anything...so when I founf t...


JFF: I'm a Bad Parent Because...

S.R. asks from El Paso

I let my daughter eat the cookie dough/cake batter off of the mixers or spoon. I did it when I was a kid and I survived, so I let her have that fun little indulgence...


Help! Advice? Encouragement?Anything!

D.T. asks from Muncie

My son is 3, 4 in Oct. Since March 21 (Spring Break) he has been waking up consistently at 4:40AM (give or take 10 minutes). I can't take it any more. At first I thou...


Trouble Sleeping for My 9 Quite 10 Months Old

T.Z. asks from New York

My 9 months old did his nights (7 to 7)for a long period. We went to Europe ans the come back jet lag just ruined all efforts. Now he wakes up twice a night (around 1...


Can Children in One Month Vacation Lose Their Good Habits?

M.M. asks from Detroit

Hi moms. we are on vacation now in another country where all my family live.we'll be here a month.My two children 3 yrs old son and 2 yrs old daughter are wery good ...


Time Zone Change

C.T. asks from Atlanta

I am traveling to CA with my three year old for two weeks... We are flying from ATL to LAX, a three hour time change. We have never had to acclimate to time zone cha...



S.R. asks from Phoenix

Hi, So my family and I have just moved to the area from the east coast and my son has not and will not go to bed for me..It has gotten better but still not good.. Wh...