Thyroid Issues

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Cycles Getting Shorter?

C.M. asks from Washington DC

So, I used to have a perfect 28 day cycle. After I had my son I became hypothyroid and my cycles were off by 1 or 2 days. Not a big deal. I've started on synthroid an...


More Fertility Questions

A.J. asks from Seattle

So I have posted quite a few questions about PCOS, Infertility, and such. I am at a complete loss and I know that my Doctor went to school and is trained to advise me...


I Have a Low Grade Fever, Extreme Fatigue....

S.K. asks from Louisville

I have been running a low grade fever for about 4 months now. The doctor's said it was because of my gallstones so I had my gallbladder removed a month ago and I'm s...



G.T. asks from Myrtle Beach

Hello Again! I was just wondering if anyone has this or has any info on it. It's a gene mutation disorder called MTHFR. After having 4 miscarriages one before my 2 ...


My Heart Is Racing...

G.H. asks from Duluth

Hi moms...for the last 2 days i've had a feeling that my heart is racing, kindaof like the feeling when u get startled and ur heart feels like it's going to jump out ...



A.J. asks from Seattle

I have been Morbidly obese since I was 15 years old. Between ages 15 and 18 I gained 180lbs. I was diagnosed with PCOS and high blood pressure at 19. At 22, which was...


Armour Thyroid

L.B. asks from Dallas

I had some blood work done and my thyroid is on the low end of normal. 1.640 (.450 - 4.5 is normal). My doctor says I am a candidate for thyroid supplement. She us...


2Nd Trimester and Low Thyroid

C.J. asks from Los Angeles

Hi there, I am 13 weeks, 2 days pregnant and just found out I have low Thyroid. My thyroid level is 7.31. I have felt no more tired than normal, I haven't gained a...


Hyperactive Thyroid

T.C. asks from Chicago

Has anyone been diagnosed w/ a hyperactive thyroid (hyper, not hypo) shortly after giving birth? I have a 3 1/2 mo. old, and via a bloodtest learned I have a hyperac...


Hyperthyroidism Normal and Still Having Problems?

K.S. asks from Spartanburg

I am 20 years old and just this year been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I had more test run and found out I had Graves Disease. I also have a cyst on my thyroid. I ...