Thyroid Issues

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Thyroid Levels Checked

N.O. asks from Dallas

I have an appointment this Friday with my family doctor to get my thyroid levels checked. I'd like to have this done because I hear a lot of other women with similar ...



N.M. asks from Indianapolis

I'm hypothyrodism and welling to get pregnant and i'm taking the synthroid 100mcg my tsh level is adjusted 1.36 but I'm afraid that the thyroid antibodies can pass t...


Thyroid Medication and Bloodtests During Pregnancy

B.B. asks from New York

Hi Everyone, I have been on thyroid medication for about 4 years, all different types and doses. In January I switched from Armour to Levothyroxin and the 125 ...


Accupuncture in Fremont

J.U. asks from San Francisco

Does anyone know of a good place to go for accunture around the Fremont area? I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and would like to try a few alternative methods of ...



M.P. asks from Columbus

Everything started with weigh loss and fatigue and it got so bad that I could not stop anything. was this what happen to you.


Radioactuve Iodine to Treat Feline Hyperthyrodism. Should I Worry About My Kids

A.S. asks from Dallas

I have a 9 year old cat that may or may not have hyperthyroidism. We are having to run an additional test to be sure. I work as a technician in a veterinary hospital...


Drastically Losing Weight

E.M. asks from Phoenix

To begin I have dreamed of this my entire life!! But now I’m scared. I have always had difficulty losing weight since I had kids and have gotten older. I have rece...


Seeking Moms Who Have Thyroid Issues

D.D. asks from Dallas

My doctor has concerns I may have thyroid issues. I am waiting on my bloodwork results. Has anyone been diagnosed with a thyroid issue? Are there vitamins, or a holist...



N.M. asks from Indianapolis

I am 37 years old had three miscarriage . I'm hypthyrodism and I'm taking synthroid 100mcg my TSH is 1.36 . M y OBGYN told me that the cause of the three previous mi...


Help for Diet for Low Thyroid

M.L. asks from Dallas

Anyone out there with a low thyroid (Hypothyroidism)?? I need suggestions on ways to lose weight-certain things to eat, maybe to speed my motabolism up. Anything oth...