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Adult Having Thrush?

✩.!. asks from Los Angeles

How does an adult get Thrush? Is it really serious? Is it a side affect from something else more serious going on in the body? A family member of mine is very conc...


Does My Son Have Thrush?

C.B. asks from Albany

I just noited these white patches on the inside of my sons lip/cheak area. Could it be thrush? He doesnt take a bottle to bed, he just eats one before. It ry to keep ...


Issues with Thrush

S.M. asks from Indianapolis

Do any of you have any information or know of somewhere I can get information about thrush? I have been battling it for 2 months now (on my nipples--not my mouth) I ...


Breastfeeding and Thrush

S.J. asks from Tampa

I was hoping someone out there has had thrush and cold give me some info on how to get rid of it. I have had it twice now. My daughter just turned one the end of July...


Help with Thrush!

S.T. asks from Los Angeles

More details for some of you who asked - I couldn't breastfeed, so he is bottlefed, all nipples and pacifiers are sterilized after every use without fail, and the thr...


Treatment of Thrush

L.P. asks from Seattle

what is the best way to treat thrush? my baby dr gave her nystatin so ive been giving her that four times a day..ive read to give it after every feeding. not sure wha...


Recurring Thrush

R.O. asks from Danville

My 6 month old keeps getting oral thrush???!!!! She is bottle fed. I have cleaned and sterilized everything I know too. Even bought new nipples each time after treatm...


Thrush on Tongue

K.B. asks from Bismarck

My nephew was diagnosed with thrush on his tongue a few years ago as a reaction to antibiotics. The doctor basically said he would grow out of it. He hasn't. His t...


Help with Thrush

K.G. asks from Minneapolis

My baby is 7 weeks old and I found out he has thrush. Before this I was nursing great but started to have painful, cracked and bleeding nipples a couple of weeks ago...


Fighting Thrush

J.E. asks from Oklahoma City

I have a 3 month old son and we have been fighting thrush off and on since he was 9 weeks old. (HE IS A SOLEY BREASTFEED BABY) - HATES A BOTTLE! I have been treated ...