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D.S. asks from San Francisco

I was wondering how long it takes for thrush to go away when treated with medication? My son has thrush (started out on the tongue then spread all over his mouth) and...



B.W. asks from Seattle

We've never dealt with thrush, but I'm wondering if some odd things happening lately may point that way. My 16-month-old still breast feeds, but lately she's been sti...


What to Do About Thrush???

N.D. asks from San Francisco

MY 3 month old has Thrush! I am breastfeeding twins, and am afraid of the other getting it too. Doc recommends Nystatin. I 've read many differing results. Anyone...



T.J. asks from Chicago

Has anyone's child had this before? My daughter came down with pneumonia and thrush last week. The thrush wasn't bad at first, it was just white at the tip of her ton...



K.R. asks from Sherman

We have been batteling thrush off and on since she was 2 months old. It seems to be under control now, but is there anything i can do to help her build natural flora...



H.C. asks from Las Vegas

My 8 month old son has Thrush in his mouth. I took him to the doctors about 2 weeks ago and they said if its not affecting his eating then i shouldnt worry about it, ...



C.S. asks from Houston

I'm nursing and can't seem to get rid of thrush. I'm on my 2nd round of diflucan, have nystatin cream, vinegar wash... baby is on nystatin and shows no symptoms. Any ...


Is This Thrush?

A.S. asks from San Angelo

My son is four months old and last night I noticed a tiny patch of something on the inside of his upper lip. It looks like dead skin that is slightly whiter than his ...



J.P. asks from Lewiston

Hello! My 9 month old daughter has thrush particularly on her lips... I took her to the dr and she prescribed nystatin. She said something about a diaper rash, which ...



P.B. asks from Grand Junction

Hi everyone I have a qustion I can't seem to find on the internet. Can a babysitter give babies thrush. I know my babysitter is on insulin for diabeties and was tol...