Third Trimester: Tween

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Not Gaining Any Weight During My 3Rd Trimester

A.H. asks from Canton

Hello, I am 32 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I went to the doctor yesterday (I am now going every 2wks) and I have been at the same weight for my last 3 appointme...


What Made You Decide to Have a Third Child?

J.H. asks from Seattle

I am a mother of 2 daughters and am contemplating adding a third and final child to our family. We would be extremely happy to welcome another child into our life. I ...


First Trimester Nausea

C.S. asks from New York

I am 6 weeks pregnant with baby #3. (HOORAY) And I am extremely nauseous. I remember being sick with the first two. But not this bad, and not this early in my pregnan...


First Trimester Screening**updated**

J.T. asks from Portland

****please see below for my update on 10-16, thanks!!!!**** My ultrasound and first batch of blood work was fine. I was 1 in 380 for downs. Perfect, I was told. ...


Wine? Is This B/s

S.E. asks from New York

so my fiance bought a book a few months ago about being a father .. its a pretty damn long book lol so he hasnt been reading it start to finish he'll pick it up and r...


What Would You Do?

K.L. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies, I am looking for some OBGYN advice. My due date with my second daughter is December 19th. When I became pregnant I learned that my doctor who delivere...


"Looking Pregnant"

S.C. asks from Portland

I am six months pregnant with our second child. Our first had just turned one and is really small for his age (only 17 pounds). I am not a plus size, but I am not a ...


Portland Oregon with Kids

I.X. asks from Portland

well I'm headed back to my old stomping grounds after being away for 13 years. When I lived in Portland I was a poor student, single, and childless. I need to ski...


Pregnant and 46

M.F. asks from Los Angeles

I just turned 46 and am pretty sure I am pregnant. I have been reading all I can on pregnancy at my age, and am trying to stay positive. I have a 13 year old and 10 y...


Scared to Have a Much Needed Surgery.

L.R. asks from Austin

I am quite fearful right now. I've been battling Uterine Fibroids (Non cancerous tumors on uterus) for about 15 years now. 13 years ago I had a myomectomy (surgery...