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J.L. asks from Boston

Does anyone have any suggestions for forehead thermometers that work well? My boys won't let me do it rectally anymore and are too young for the mouth ones....


Constipation in Newborn

J.L. asks from Louisville

My daughter is 5 weeks old and is having problems with constipation. She eats the Similac Advance formula with Early Shield. Her Dr said that formula is the closest ...


No Poop in 10 Days! HELP

A.S. asks from Houston

My breastfed only baby girl stopped having BM at week 5 for 3 days. We took her to the pediatrician. They said it was NORMAL to have less BM because there is no much w...


Constipation in a Breastfed Newborn ??

R.S. asks from Sheboygan

My daughter will be 6 weeks tomorrow. Last Monday we found out she has acid reflux and she was placed on medicine. We have been through reflux with our son so thought ...


Irritable 5 Month Old?

W.W. asks from Dallas

My son is 5 months old and has always been a very happy non fussy baby until recently. About a week ago we started rice cereal. Then that week we had a horrible nigh...


8 Week Old with Constipation

V.S. asks from Lima

Hello everyone. I have a 8 week old son who has massive constipation. I need help for anything to relieve it and something naturally. Karo syrup doesn't work, prune...


What Type of Clothing Should My Toddler Sleep in at Night?

S.S. asks from Dallas

I have an amazing 18 month old daughter who still sleeps in her crib wearing a one piece sleeper. It zips up the front and I've noticed in the morning when she wakes ...


Seeking Advice Regarding Febrile Seizure

T.S. asks from Denver

Hello, just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience w/ their child. My older son-5, had his first seizure the day after Christmas. Turns out he had a double...


Possible Hearing Problem in My 4 Year Old.

M.M. asks from Milwaukee

My daughter went for her 4 year check up yesterday. She did well with all aspects of it except for the hearing test. It was one of those tests where it peeps in the ea...


Train Vancouver WA to B.C. Canada (About 8 Hours) Alone with a 16 Month Old

T.W. asks from Portland

Need insight from anyone who has taken a train for about 8 hours with a toddler. I am planning on traveling from Vancouver WA to B.C. Canada alone with my 16 month ol...