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No Poop!!

T.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, My almost 7 month old who is breastfed and also eats a bit of veggies and fruit twice a day has not had a bowel movement in almost 3 days. I know that it i...


4 Month Old Constipated

L.H. asks from Dallas

My 4 month old daughter has been constipated for about 6 weeks now. I haven't changed anything. She has been strictly formula fed on enfamil gentlease since about 2 m...


Need Better Themometer

R.D. asks from Colorado Springs

Hi all. Although I have a million questions on eating habits, sleeping, etc. Today I just need some recommendations on a good thermometer. We currently have two ar...


Cold/Congestion In Newborn

A.M. asks from Cincinnati

I am a first time mome of an 11 week old beautiful baby girl. She is in daycare part time (3 days) and has a little cough/congestion. She has no fever and is seemin...


Febrile Seizure

J.M. asks from Dallas

My 2 1/2 year old son had an febrile seizure on Feb 25. It was a grand mal that lasted for 5 minutes. However, the ER doctor was not able to get a fever reading on ...


Toddler with High Fever

K.B. asks from Portland

As a first time mom experiencing her baby's first significant illness, i'm finding it harder and harder to cope. For 3 days now she has been experiencing fevers up t...


Breast Fed Baby Does NOT Poop!

J.L. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is 4 1/2 months old. She has been purely breast fed the entire 4 months and was very regular in pooping up until 2 months. From 2 months to the current ti...


FAM Birth Control - Does Anyone Use This Method?

M.B. asks from New York

I recently bought "Taking Charge of your Fertility" and it talks about FAM (fertility awareness method) birth control. Do any of you ladies use this method? I'v...


Tips for Constipated Infant?

C.C. asks from Orlando

Hi Mamas, My 6 week old is gassy and constipated. I have tried everything the pediatrician has asked me to do. Today they tell me to "just keep doing what you are do...


Fever and Four Year Old Boy

S.C. asks from Tampa

my usually super active four year old woke up last night crying and sweaty HOT..the thermometer only read 99+ but his whole body was steaming and he's complaining of ...