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Son's 8Th Birthday Celebration

Hello Ladies, Our son is turning 8 at the end of August. Money is not an issue, I just want to do something different. We have done Chuck E. Cheese's (way too many times), Rood Bridge park, Safari Sam's, our home and Pump it Up. (I had so much fun at Pump it Up) This year I want to do something different and not at our home. I dislike cleaning up the mess after the party. Plus trying to keep the kids out of the rooms in the house are difficult. What have any of you done for an 8th birthday that your son/daughter really enjoyed that didn't...

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Indiana Jones

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Birthday Ideas for 6 Year Old Boy

My son is turing 6 in July when it is usually pretty darn hot. We tend to try and plan his party to be an indoor event just to keep kids and parents from over heating. In the past we have done "Chuckie Cheese, My Gym, Under the Sea and Jumpin Jammin". He would like an Indiana Jones themed party which I think would be fun. We do have the Eagle Rock Park or our large backyard as resources as I feel like I have run out of the indoor options, but how to have a cool party and stay cool at the same time is the challenge. I would love to hear...

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