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Appropriate Christmas Gift Ideas for a 2 Month Old?

My daughter is two months old and I am attempting to figure out what to get or suggest as gift ideas to like the grandparents and such. We got EVERYTHING that we could ever possibly want and much more at the baby shower (it was ridiculous in size, something that just kept growing exponentially and I lost control over), so we do not need anything really. I was trying to think of something unique that she would appriciate when she got older, but am at a loss. PLEASE help because I am being hounded by family for ideas.

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Gift for 7 Year Old Boy

My friend lives out of town and her son will be turning 7 in a few weeks. I want to send him something for his birthday but am at a total loss! Does anyone know of something that would be easy to mail (and a big hit?) He is VERY smart, too. Also, my friend and her husband are just beginning the divorce process, so I would love to get her son something special. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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8 Year Birthday Party

My daughter is turning 8 and i am having a party for her at the the park and i was wondering what kind iof games i can do for her. Any ideas would be great.