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Looking for Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

E.S. asks from Mansfield

I am looking for a few unique baby shower gift ideas. The shower is in a couple of weeks. It's their first baby and they don't know the baby's sex. I just don't wa...


Baby Shower for 2Nd Child Appropriate?

J.T. asks from Dallas

What is the proper etiquette regarding having a baby shower for a second child? My cousin has a 4-year-old son and is having baby girl in June. I've always heard th...


Does Anyone Know Where I Can Hold a Baby Shower?

K. asks from Dallas

I am planning a baby shower for my sister and unfortunately we all live in apartments. Can anyone tell me of any good places to have this? Thank you


Who Do I Invite to My Best Friend's Baby Shower?

A.H. asks from Greensboro

I am throwing my best friend a baby shower and I'm trying to figure out if I'm supposed to invite her mom, sister and MIL. This shower is going to be friend's of the ...


Thank You Notes at Party - Tacky or Not?

M.H. asks from Gainesville

My 3yo son recently attended a birthday party where, with the goody bag at the end of the party, he received a thank you note thanking him for attending the party and...


Whatever Happened to Saying Thank You?

M.J. asks from Chicago

I'm curious as to how others deal with family members (in-laws) that do not show any appreciation or thanks for gifts that they are given. My husband and I always re...


Never Received a "Thank You"

R.B. asks from Grand Rapids

Hello Mamas, I am looking for advice regarding a situation. About three months ago, I sent a baby gift to my friend who lives in another state. I sent the gift ove...


Tagging on to Thank You Notes

A.J. asks from Williamsport

This is tagging onto the earlier thank you note question: Are thank you notes really dying off? I might want in on that! I, for one, grew up having to send them, ...


Need Advice on Throwing a Baby Shower!

K. asks from Nashville

I am throwing a baby shower for my husband's cousin. She just adopted a baby this month, so the baby girl arrived two days after Christmas; however, this was an out ...


Best Baby Shower Gifts and Ideas for Games

C.B. asks from Madison

I have a two-part question as my mom and best friend have started to plan my baby shower. First, what were the best and worst gifts you received at your baby shower, ...