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Making Baby Shower (For Baby #2) Special

C.T. asks from Seattle

I'm hosting my sister-in-law's baby shower in a few weeks. She's having a little girl and has had a hard 2nd pregnancy. She co-hosted my baby shower and amazed the ...


How to Give a Very Belated Thank You

J.B. asks from Houston

Well I hate to say it but I totally dropped the ball with thank you notes after my baby boy's shower. He is now nearly 20 months old and I just didn't get it done. ...


Wording on a Thank You Card

J.B. asks from Houston

Hey mamas, Well I need some etiquette advice from some of you in the know about these things ;) I was given a baby shower at my church today it was so nice. No-one...


Baby # Shower or Not to Shower?

A.L. asks from Alexandria

Hi All, Just curious as to what the thinking is on baby showers for third baby? Thanks~


Help with Thank You Notes for Babyshower

M.F. asks from Dallas

I just had my first of two baby showers and I am already feeling overwelmed by writing Thank You notes. I want to make each one personal but I am wondering how I can...


Why Don't Teachers Say Thank You for Gifts?

C.A. asks from Chicago

I always give both of my kids teachers gifts at Christmas time and again at the end of the year. One thing that drives me crazy is that I never get thank you notes fr...


"Throwing a Long Distance Baby Shower"

K.B. asks from Minneapolis

Has anyone thrown a long distance baby shower? My sister lives in PA and is having a baby in Feb....we are looking for ideas on throwing her a long distance baby shower!!


Thank You to Birthday Party

J.B. asks from New York

My child's birthday party was a month ago. I am in the midst of many personal issues and have yet to send thank you's!!! Should I still send them now or just forget...


Baby Shower Unknown Sex of Baby

S.A. asks from Dallas

Okay Ladies put on your thinking caps and help me out. My sister is having her second baby which we do not know the sex of. Her first one she did not know the gender...


Thank You Note Etiquette

L.T. asks from Dallas

At a recent birthday party, several moms got into a conversation regarding Thank You notes. One said, a thank you note was always required. One said, the personal f...