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WANTED: Cupcakes in San Diego

T.F. asks from San Diego

Hi Ladies!! I am planning a 1st birthday party, and want to have cupcakes instead of cake. I am amazed that I cannot find a cupcake bakery in town!! ( and I don't ha...


Getting Sour Milk Smell Out of Laundry

T.B. asks from Merced

My son is an olympic drooler and when drinking milk he usally ends up with a good amount on his shirts. No matter how many times I wash those shirts they still smell ...


Broke Mom Planning a Wedding.

L.H. asks from Knoxville

My daughter is getting married in June. I need help with cheap finge foods that I can serve/ prepare ahead or easily that day. Without looking like a cheap scate. She...


Finding a Good Diaper

A.S. asks from Columbus

My son always leaks through his diapers in the night and what a hassel changing his sheets everyday. he is only 20 mths old and I know breaking him from his before be...


Laundry Detergent Other than Dreft

S.B. asks from Detroit

I used Dreft with my daughter up until a year old. I'm now due with #2 in a month and I'm wondering what everyone has used with an High Efficiency washer since they d...


Seeking Lotion for Severe Dry Skin

D.W. asks from Dallas

Can anyone recomment a hand lotion for EXTREMELY dry skin? My hands are SO dry, they are cracked and red around the knuckles. Every time I bend my fingers, it feels...


Milk Supply and Formula Questions

K.B. asks from Wichita

Hi there. I am a new mom of a 12 day old boy. I am trying to breastfeed, but have found myself frustrated. When I pump I am only getting 2oz total, and that doesn'...


Husband Seeks Mother's Day Suggestions...

E.L. asks from San Francisco

I want to see what kind of ideas you Moms can give me... So, I'm a Dad (as you can guess)... I need your help with some seriously good ideas for Mother's Day this y...


Very Interested in Cloth Diapering My Newborn - Any Advice on How/where to Start

J.F. asks from Los Angeles

I am due in August 2008 and like the ideals behind using cloth diapers. However, I have many questions about where to start. I would love to hear from anyone who cu...


What Cleaners to Buy?

T.S. asks from Los Angeles

I was told that all of my cleaning products were toxic &I needed to purchase Non-Toxic cleaners for my home, as I am 5 months pregnant. Does anyone know exactly what ...