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23 Months Old and Pushing Those Boundries, and My Buttons.

I.O. asks from San Antonio

My son will be 23 months old tomorrow and is really pushing those boundries. In the grocery store he'll start spitting. I tell him no, cover his mouth, and he looks a...


Happiest Toddler on the Block

A.R. asks from Reno

Hi Ladies, Does anyone out there use the 'toddler-ese' approach talked about in Harvey Karp's book Happiest Toddler on the Block? I really liked Happiest Baby on th...


I Feel like All I Do Is Tell Her 'No', Is This Normal?

K.P. asks from Buffalo

My daughter will be 17 months old on Saturday, and I feel like I spend the entire day just telling her 'No'. She's gotten to the point where she will get into somethi...


Behavior Problems with My 2 Year Old in the Mornings

M.G. asks from Atlanta

For the past week or so my 2 year old fights me getting her ready for the day. I am a working mom, so we have a set time that she needs to be ready each day. At 6:4...


21 Month Old WILL NOT Go to Bed at Night...

C.R. asks from Seattle

For about the past two weeks, maybe a little more, my daughter puts up a HUGE fight over going to bed. She has no issues at all going down for a nap - I read books, g...


My 2 Yr Old Is Making Me CRAZY

A.G. asks from Hartford

Let me start by saying that I love my daughter sooo much, but today I just want to scream. She's even had me in tears already. Lily just turned 2 and now I am a stro...


ADHD In a 2 Year Odl?

M.H. asks from Chicago

My Day Care approched my husband (he does the drop off and pick up) on Friday and said that we need to discuss with our doctor my son's actions at daycare and being s...


Gestational Diabetes

S.S. asks from Buffalo

Hello! I just have few question/conserns, about gestational diabetes. I just went for my 1hr testing, my results came back high(154)How high is that? So now I need 2...


Baby Tested Positive for LEAD!

K.R. asks from Sherman

I am horrified! she just turned one year. she tested level 5 for lead. doc says not really bad until it passes 9 but that he is taking it Very Seriously! we will tes...


3-Year Old Has a HUGE Attitude!

L.J. asks from Johnstown

My 3 year old is really giving me a hard time! She doesn't do it so much for her Dad. I try to give her my full attention when we get home in the evening and I list...