Testing Limits: Baby Einstein

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We've Created a BIG Issue at Bed Time

A.B. asks from Dallas

Ladies, it's me again!!! Had the baby Christmas Eve, grandma and grandpa were here, took Brady out of daycare full time (not getting paid on my leave)and Brady went t...


Screen Time Questions

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

Other than trying to assuage my mommy guilt over allowing too much of it thanks to having a nursing newborn and a preschooler, I'm truly wondering... 1. Do you set...


Help with Toddler Nap Time!

J.C. asks from Waco

My 21 month old has decided she doesn't want to nap!! And she desparately needs to, she's so cranky. She has always been a good sleeper. We have a routine before...


My 17 Mth Old Doesn't Want to Sit in Her Car Seat Anymore, Help!!

B.B. asks from Jacksonville

Ok my main problem is that I spoil my daughter and hate to see her cry especially with tears. My daughter has always hated the car from the day we brought her home fr...


16 Month Old Is Driving Me Crazy

T.W. asks from San Francisco

so my 16 month old is driving me crazy. for the past few months she's been very needy, crying and whining when i put her down or leave the room (even if her dad is w...


How to Handle 15Mnth Old Throwing Tantrums and Hitting

S.L. asks from Phoenix

My son has a ridiculous amount of energy(just like his father). I try to keep him entertained as best i can but that doesn't always work. He has become extremely whin...


Seriously? No Nap

C.J. asks from Dallas

This week my 2.5 year old has decided that he can no longer be "contained" during naptime. He runs from the bed, escapes from the bedroom (laughing hysterically), hit...


Speech and My 2 Year Old

L.V. asks from San Diego

Any thoughts on my 2 year old( 23 and 1/2 mos ) who has an extremely limited "vocabuary" Mama, dada, za za, lala, and a few sounds for other words. She does know some...


Strong Minded Child

S.M. asks from Phoenix

I need HELP! I have a 15 month old little terror.She is my first child. She is sweet, affectionate, fun but STRONG WILLED. I know that she's still young and can't com...


Advice Needed PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

K.B. asks from Chicago

I have a few concerns that I would love some advice on... My son Grant will be six months old on April 1st. He was on breastmilk for the first four months and then ...