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Is Pregnancy Possible?

M.B. asks from Pocatello

Ok, this is going to sound strange, but I'm really beginning to wonder if I could be pregnant. 2 years ago, we found out I have had 2 strokes during previous pregnan...


I Really Want Another Baby... Hubby Really Doesn't...

V.K. asks from Minneapolis

Let me start by saying that, it is not a surprise to him that I want another one. We had the "children talk" while we were dating. I have always wanted a big family.....


Not Happy with My Pregnancy.

B.F. asks from San Antonio

I am almost 17 weeks pregnant with my 3rd boy and I feel very unhappy, sick of the idea of having a 3rd boy and depressed. I have seen the doctor about this but it ha...


Tell Me About Life with Three Kids

A.N. asks from Portland

My husband and I are on the fence about another child. On one hand I want to experience the joys of a baby again and this time savor the steps instead of just trying...


Hard Time Dealing with Unplanned Pregnancy

A.D. asks from Providence

so i just found out yesterday that i am pregnant. i took 2 tests and they both came back positive. currently, i have a 3.5 year old and an 18 month old and i love o...


Almost 14 Year Old DD Suffering from Migraines for First Time

S.P. asks from Billings

My DD who is almost 14 has developed migraines this week for the first time in her life. She has been out of school all week because of the migraines. She tends to ge...


Explaining the "Birds and the Bees" to My 12 Year Old

C.H. asks from Houston

I am really struggling with the idea of sitting my 12 year boy down and explaining things about his body, puberty and other things. My husband insists that he is goi...


Husband Just Told Me Something He's Been Holding In.

A.F. asks from Fayetteville

My husband was deployed to Afghanistan last May and was supposed to stay until this may. I am pregnant with our first child but sometimes feel he doesn't like talking...


A Newborn and a 10 Year Old Acting Out

E.E. asks from San Francisco

I have a six week old boy and a 10 year old girl. My 10 year old has had my undivided attention all of this time and we have had a great relationship. Shortly after...


I Think My Husband Needs Anger Management

K.S. asks from Minneapolis

My husband is a wonderful person and loving father. He truly is my best friend. But lately he has been very angry. When we talk about it, he says that he is stress...