Telling Friends: BOB

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Seeking Critique of BOB Stroller

J.F. asks from Los Angeles

My husband and I are thinking of getting one of the BOB strollers (we have a great rebate on our credit card), but don't know anyone who actually owns one. If you ha...


Imaginary Friends?

N.D. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas- I need some help. My 4-year old has been talking about his imaginary friends for almost a year now. At first we thought it was cute but now they are a ...


She Is Expecting Her 20Th Child?

L.A. asks from Austin

I know that some people believe that GOD gives them babies, But at what point do we or should we say, this is enough? If a mom has had tough pregnancies or births, ...


Friends or Family with the Same Baby Name

A.S. asks from Chicago

As my husband and I consider baby names for #3 (we currently have 2 boys), it turns out that a couple of names my husband really likes for both boys and girls are alr...


Same Name as Friends'/acquaintances' Kids?

M.F. asks from Canton

Hi ladies- Thought I'd throw this out and see what opinions people might have. We just found out that baby #3 is a boy, and we've always liked the name Andrew. The...


The Worst Pregnancy Comment EVER!

K.C. asks from Cleveland

I was at Bob Evans llast night because I didn't feel like cooking dinner, and i went inside to pick up our food. When I was about to leave, this lady was behind me an...


When to Tell My Sister Her Ex Is Getting Married and Having a Baby

E.W. asks from New York

Ok, so my sister and her ex were divorced about 8 months ago, but were separated for about 6 months prior. This was 100% my sisters choice and fault. Her ex is and wa...


Lie to My Daughter or Tell Her Truth, Please Help Me Make Right Decision

J.T. asks from San Francisco

I got divorced with my husband several years ago. During these years, I have talked with my husband that he should make time to see our child. But he never did it. No...


Would You Be Bugged by This or Am I Over-reacting?

A.C. asks from Salt Lake City

Would you be bugged by this or am I over-reacting? My husband asked me on Monday if I would be ok with him hanging out with his pal on Friday night (tonight). I sa...


Wavy Hair After Pregnancy!

S.C. asks from Evansville

My hair was always stick straight. My friend refered to it as Vidal Sassoon hair: long, shiny, and straight. After our first baby, it started getting a tad on the f...