Telling Family

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Family Dilemma

K.L. asks from New York

My baby girl is scheduled to arrive via c-section on December 29. Both my mom and my husband's mom live out of town so when they visit they stay at our house. Of cour...


When Do You Tell??

E.P. asks from Kansas City

My hubby and I are about 6-8 weeks along with our 2nd baby. We are dying to tell everyone! Is there a certain time when you can start sharing the big news?? I'm ju...


How Do I Tell Him Its Over?

S.R. asks from Fort Myers

My husband and I (married just over two years ago) have been together since my mid-teen years, just about 10 years now. I have always known he was the one for me, my ...


When to Tell?

R.B. asks from Raleigh

Dear All, I just found out that I am pregnant with my 3rd child and have a 5 & 7yrs old. My husband and I were debating on when to the tell our children that I am ...


To Tell or Not to Tell....

A.S. asks from Yakima

Ok so here's my dilema...I just found out i'm prego with baby #3 which is awesome. However, my husband is currently in South America doing a grueling 14 day motorcycl...


Seeking Ideas on Gifts in Creative Way to Tell My Mother Im Expecting a Third

M.M. asks from Provo

My husband and I found out we were expecting a third child on July 24. None of my family knows yet, on account that we had a misscarriage a year ago. Well, we had an ...


How to Tell Big Family at Xmas About #2!

E.W. asks from Dallas

We are very excited that after some work we are expecting baby #2. And this is perfect news to save until Christmas (although it is killing me to hide from my mom who...


Expecting Fourth Child - Snide Comments

A.C. asks from Wichita

Hello! We are about 12 weeks along with our 4th child, and in spite of a lot of craziness over the past year with moving and new jobs, we are excited. Just a li...



V.O. asks from San Francisco

Okay, I have a 20 year old daughter and a 17 years old son still living at home. My husband and I were invited to my mother in laws for dinner on Sunday. Actually we ...



W.H. asks from Minneapolis

HI just a quick question my husbands sister keeps going away and leaving her child with his mother, yet when we ask her if she could have our daughter just for a few ...