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Teething and Temp

S.C. asks from Chicago

We went to the dr yesterday because my 6 1/2 month had a temp. I know he is starting to teeth. His temp was 102 and then went down. I have given him tylenol. Is this ...


How to soothe teething pain for 14 months old?

S.C. asks from Sioux Falls

Has anyone dealt with their child having such bad pain from teething that they will not eat? My son who is 16.5 months has 4 molars growing in at the same time and wi...


Allergies or Teething

H.P. asks from Dallas

Since March my daughter has had issues with the snotty nose and coughing from the drainage. Her doctor has put her on meds but at this point I think that it is just ...


Teething Tablets

J.T. asks from Pensacola

I was just wondering if any of you have ever used the Hyland's all natural Teething Tablets. My 19 month old daughter is getting her eye teeth and has been miserable...


Teething Tips

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

My Little Guy just turned 9 months, started to crawl and is cutting his first tooth! Any teething tips? He doesn't seem too bothered by it...probably since he just ...


Relief for Teething

A.G. asks from Tucson

My daughter has her first tooth coming in and she is naturally having some issues. What natural remedies are out there for soothing? We have the cold teething rin...


Teething Pain

C.S. asks from Chicago

My 8 month old is having a hard time with the teething. She is so fussy and is waking up 3 times a night wanting to be held. Tylenol is not helping all that much. I a...


Teething Relief?!

J.I. asks from Chicago

I wonder if anyone has any pearls of wisdom for me? Our newest is 4 months old now. His first tooth started appearing about 3 weeks ago, and as of now, the bottom t...


Teething Help

J.L. asks from Washington DC

my 5 month old is teething, and he is so miserable. he will scream and cry for hours when they hurt. I have tried putting baby orajel on his gums, but that doesnt hel...


Teething and Diarrhea

D.C. asks from Los Angeles

My 9 month old daughter is getting her two bottom teeth (both at the same time, oh joy!). She has had loose stools since last Thursday, including during the night. ...