Teething Tablets

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Teething Help

R.M. asks from New York

My 5 and a half month old son is getting his first 2 teeth. He is obviously uncomfortable, but won't take any frozen teethers. I've tried a frozen washcloth as well....


A. Teething Necklaces

A.V. asks from Great Falls

I think my second son is going to be a difficult teether like his big brother was! When it takes 2-3 months for a tooth to come in, I can't give him Tylenol every ni...


Is This Symptoms of Teething?

L.S. asks from Eugene

My 7 month old son is just getting his first two bottom teeth. At first I was giving him tylenol and that really did the trick for his fussiness/pain. Now he yells ...


Teething Remedies....

C.C. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamas! Looks like my 7 month old is cutting his first tooth and it has been a doozy!! He will not sleep for more than 2, maaaaybe 3 hours at a time and he just ...


Pacifiers and Teething

R.A. asks from Dallas

My 15 month old daughter seems to be getting all of her molars in at the same time. For the last 4 days or so she's been absolutely miserable. We've gotten down to ...


Teething Advice

S.M. asks from Norfolk

My son is about 4 1/2 months old now and I'm pretty sure he's teething. He's drooling terrible. I'm suprised he's not dehydrated. Chewing the heck out of his hands/fi...


Teething, Help!

Y.A. asks from Los Angeles

So my almost 6 month old has been so fussy these last 3-4 days. I believe her bottom 2 teeth are about to come thru because I can see white o her gums. Being a first ...


Teething Early??

C.S. asks from Kalamazoo

My son just turned 3 months. Every book and everything I've read says that the earliest babies begin teething is 4 months, but I swear my son is teething already. H...


Teething Troubleshooting

T.N. asks from Dallas

My four month old son will not sleep and hardly eats due to teething. Ive tried teething tablets,teething rings,cold wet washcloths,Tylenol,Orajel and Im at my wits e...


Teething Advice

H.M. asks from Salinas

so my four month old son is cutting teeth. i am at my wits end. i am not sure how to help him. with my daughter i didn't even realize she was getting teeth until at a...