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A.W. asks from Kansas City

I am having trouble telling if my son is teething. Maybe I am just lucky. He's 5 months old, has white little bumps on the bottom, in the middle. He is not drooling, ...


Teething Biscuts

M.H. asks from Chicago

Is there an age requirement to give a baby a teething biscut? My 5-month old is teething and he is miserable. I am giving him Tylenol and teething tablets. He also ha...



C.R. asks from Atlanta

I have a 10 month old who is teething badly. He doesn't like the cold rag, teething tablets, gripe water (old school remedy), baby oragel or letting me massage his g...



L.F. asks from Scranton

My 4 month old daughter has been drooling non stop and chews on her hands, bibs, anything that will go near her mouth. She has had a runny nose for about a week now ...



A.M. asks from Boston

My 6 month old just recently cut his bottom front two teeth. The first tooth started to poke through one week ago and the second a day or so afterward. He has been un...



M. asks from Dallas

My almost 9 month old son is teething really bad his top 4 are coming in all at once. He is miserable and so am I. He will not sleep or eat any of his foods or cerea...


Teether Biting the Nipple~!

M.J. asks from Seattle

So my almost 7 month old son has taken to biting my nipples at random during his feedings. His first two teeth came in simultaneously two and 1/2 weeks ago. Each tim...


Is This Symptoms of Teething?

L.S. asks from Eugene

My 7 month old son is just getting his first two bottom teeth. At first I was giving him tylenol and that really did the trick for his fussiness/pain. Now he yells ...


Teething Remedies

E.M. asks from New York

My 7-month-old daughter is very sweet-tempered but has always seemed especially bothered by teething pain. She cut her bottom two with little trouble at four months....


Teething Infant

M.S. asks from Louisville

Mybaby girl is teething and at night she can't sleep due to the pain and discomfort. She is still too young to be able to hold onto a teething ring, tylenol and motr...