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Help!! My 16 Year Old Has Lost Her Mind!!

M.S. asks from Dallas

I have a 16 year old daughter and her behavior has changed within the last year. I have tried to talk to her and she doesnt want to talk (must be the age thing??) Eve...


15 Year Old Son Hates me.....do I Believe Him or Let It Slide?

B.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hi. I am so down today. I always knew it was "normal" for a 15 year old son not to like his parents, but it hurt me so badly today when he said it out loud. He tol...


Do You Shop at Target? (Vent)

C.V. asks from Los Angeles

I love Target and i've been shopping there for a long time, but lately something they've been doing with their prices is irritating the heck out of me. Ok when i shop...


Target Brand Diapers Causing Rash?

N.K. asks from Madison

I have been using Target's up&up brand diapers on my toddler for some time now without any problems. I opened a new box a few days ago, and noticed a rash at the back...


What to Get 15 Year Old Nephew

M.R. asks from Kansas City

I have been racking my brain for gift ideas for my 15 year old nephew. (I don't buy video games though) He's athletic, likes to read. What are you getting your tee...


14 Soon to Be 15 Year Old Son with Acne

J.T. asks from Seattle

Does anyone out there have a product that they would recommend for a teenager with sensitive skin to use for acne ? My son has it bad on his face and back. Any help...


Has Anyone Worked for Target?

S.A. asks from Chicago

Another question this morning prompted me to ask this. I was thinking about applying there to work a few evenings per week and weekends. Christmas is around the cor...


Upset My 16 Year Old Is "Getting Back Together" with His Ex-girlfriend!

K.C. asks from Chicago

I'm very upset my 16 year old son is getting back together with his ex-girlfriend who "hung out" with his best friend!!!(that's why they broke up) Am I too involved?...


What Do You Do with Your Tween....

C.. asks from Columbia

Seriously..... Like, how do you engage your 12-will-be-13-in-3-weeks girl? She's a good kid, but not really "into" anything. She's going to try out for volleyball ...


Problem Finding Jeans for My 16 Year Old Daughter Who Is Very Petite

D.B. asks from Chicago

Can anyone recommend a store where my daughter can find Jeans in a size 0 - Short. It is sooo frustrating to take my daughter shopping for Jeans. She is 16 years old ...