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Has Anyone Been Successful with South Beach Diet

T.T. asks from Indianapolis

I have a bunch of weight to loose, my goal is 75 pounds, BMI chart says more… It has been suggested that I try South Beach. I’m concerned b/c I am a picky eater (...


Teen Acne

T.H. asks from Columbus

my 16 year old daughter has really bad acne and it is getting worse. Does anyone have any suggestions?


When Did Your Kids Stop Snuggling with You?

S.M. asks from Springfield

I was talking to one of my friends the other day, and I was talking about how my 11 year old boy and I was watching and movie last night and how it was great that he'...


Tampa or Destin Florida and Where to Stay? UPDATE

T.F. asks from Dallas

We are planning a trip to FL soon. I'd like to find a nice condo on the beach. I am going though site after site online. I found some nice looking places in Tampa ...


Breakfast for Sleepy Teen

S.R. asks from Detroit

My 9th grade son is going to have to go out for the bus at 6:15 am. He was terrible about getting up for the 7:15 pick up for Middle School, but I helped a lot. My qu...


Trying to Loose Baby Weight

A.G. asks from Muncie

My second child is nearly a year old and I still have thirty pounds of baby weight. I had no problem loosing it after my first child and this is just awful. I can't s...


Seeking Advice on Best Beaches for Families in Florida

T.M. asks from Dallas

Thanks for advice on the beaches....sounds like everyone really likes Destin area. Does anyone have any good suggestions on Resorts to stay at and has anyone stayed i...


The Perfect Beach

S.T. asks from Washington DC

dears, the ol' man and i had wanted to do something extravagant for our 30th, which is this summer. and we shall, although not the greece or ireland that we had in mi...


Weightloss Much Needed

J.P. asks from Wheeling

My youngest is 2 and i still have yet to lose the rest of the weight i gained. With my 1st 2 the weight plus more came off so fast and im not sure how to this time. I...


Florida Beaches

J.K. asks from Kansas City

We are going to Orlando, and want to travel to one of the beaches for a few day, and a few hour drive is OK. My question is, what beach should we go to? We have sev...