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Teen Daughter with a Severe UTI...ER visit..Fever Now...

N.B. asks from Minneapolis

Any advice? 17 year old daughter went to ER last night with abdominal pain. She had been in pain on and off for almost 2 days but it all came to a head last night ver...


What Could Be the Cause of My 4 Month Old Constantly Thirsty

D.H. asks from Panama City

I'm a new mom, and I keep seeing people say constant thirst is sign of diabetes. she is a c section baby, and their likely to be a diabetic . she is not hungry she wi...



R.W. asks from Los Angeles

My two yearold is vomiting and dose not have a fever what should i do?


Stomach Bug - AGAIN... Please Help!

L.Z. asks from Boston

I am looking for some support or a light at the end of the tunnel here for moms who might have gone through this recently! My youngest (18 months) started throwing u...


Diarrhea in Young Children - Tips for Food Items?

A.V. asks from Washington DC

I talked to the nurse and am waiting for the pediatrician to call. My 4 yr old has diarrhea to the point that I've put her in pull ups to save her underpants. She's o...


Is It a Virus??

N.L. asks from Tampa

My DH last week had a virus... coughing, throat sore and phlegm...Lasted like a week.... A few days later my son (17 months old) started with runny nose, phlegm, sta...


Toddler Barely Drinks Anything!

M.M. asks from Colorado Springs

I think I am losing my mind. My 18 month old daughter already has major issues with food stemming from some mild oral-motor weakness and sensory problems (she doesn't...


Has Anyone Had Food Poisoning?

J.P. asks from New York

My daughter and I ate some bad cake and i feel so guilty for giving it to her. She has fever very low grade but for some reason it feels that she is burning up. She i...


What Flavor of Pedia Sure Does Your Toddler Like?

G.M. asks from Phoenix

I'm asking this because I think I may need to get some for my son. He doesn't like to eat breakfast when he gets up. He only likes to drink milk. He goes to Preschool...


Sick Kids

K.S. asks from Dallas

My son (age 6) had a stomach virus(assuming)starting Monday night that lasted 48 hours...he threw up on average once every 2 hours. He finally started feeling better...