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Baby Shower Questions

J.B. asks from Milwaukee

Hello! I am 20 weeks pregnant and am starting to think about registering for my shower. I will probably register at Babys R Us and Target or Walmart. I really need ...


Looking for the Safest Car Seat/travel System Available...

K.M. asks from Hartford

Hello, I have been online and at various sites, I am looking for the safest/easy to use car seat/travel system. I am registering at Babies R Us and having a hard tim...


Seeking Out a Great Double Stroller for a 21/2Yearold and Infant

J.S. asks from Phoenix

I would like to knwo what double stroller you all might use. I havea 21/2 year old and a newborn. I am torn about what to get for traveling adn for every day use. ...


18Mo Son and Public Temper Tantrums

C.B. asks from Odessa

My kids and I go shopping and on play dates often. But it's getting harder and harder for me to go out because my 18month old son is throwing such tantrums, i can't c...


So, Tips for Disney?

C.M. asks from Chicago

I am planning a trip to Disney for my (then will be) 5 year old son and I. Sept. 13 to the 19th. I would like to plan as much as I can, before we leave. We will be ...


First Flight/trip Away from Home with 10 Month Old

C.M. asks from Kansas City

We're going on our first trip/first flight with our ten month old & I'd love any advice: what to pack (i.e. the must haves) helping him handle his first flight ...


Age to Stop "Strollering"?

L.C. asks from Denver

How old should kids stop riding in strollers to go to the park or walk the mall? My step-daughter is 5 and I'm really interested in putting her giant stroller that's ...