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Any Recommendations for Cradle Cap and Diaper Rash?

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

My 10 week old daughter has been suffering from Cradle Cap. I have been putting Vaseline on, letting it soak in, and gently combing out the scales, and started using ...


Yeast Infection & Diaper Allergy?

S.P. asks from Boston

I have an 8 month old daughter. She has had a yeast infection for about 5 weeks now! I took her to the Dr. at the beginning. When she had the rash for 3 days. He pr...


Diaper Rash with Bumps?

T.B. asks from Jacksonville

My 21 month old has developed a bad diaper rash today. It is little red bumps and she says it itches. Is this a yeast infection? she does not have a discharge. I use ...


Ring Worm?

A.M. asks from Boise

So I have question. My boy friends daughter came over today. We get her every weekend. She after dinner shows me her leg. On her upper thigh on back of leg is a perfe...


Ringworm! How to Cure! Help!

M.B. asks from Colorado Springs

My daughter has ringworm on her face, arm and leg. She caught it from her new pet, a guinea pig. I have taken her to the Dr and they said just use the antifungal cr...


Help Baby Acne !!

L.T. asks from Dallas

My newborn has baby acne on her cheeks her pediatrician suggested Eucrin Cream. Has anyonelse had this problem with their baby? What did you use? Thanks for your ...


Ring Worm. Again!

C.M. asks from Washington DC

Hi. So, I feel silly since I have answered questions about ring worm before and now here I am, lol. So, my daughter who is 6 has had ring worm a few times before. It ...


Diaper Rash

R.M. asks from Philadelphia

Does anyone have any good remedies for a very bad diaper rash that looks like sunburn? My 14 month old is screaming every time I change her. She cries and holds her b...


Severe Diaper Rash During Flu

K.R. asks from Boise

My son who is 15 months old has had the flu for about 4 or 5 days now and has awful and I mean really awful diaper rash from all the diarrea he has had. What can I d...


19 Month Old with Yeast Infection

A.M. asks from Detroit

My 19 month old girl was on antiboitics for three weeks for her ear infection. Now she has a yeast infection. Her diaper is irritating her and she now has red bumps ...