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Breast Reduction Surgery for a 16 Year Old.

H.T. asks from Sheboygan

About a year ago my daughter started talking a lot about having back pain. She was a fairly active girl and I assumed it was probably just from a long volleyball seas...


Frustrated with My Tween

S.R. asks from Los Angeles

I have been feeling very frustrated with my eldest son, who is a tween, lately. i know, BIG SHOCK, right? He has been very mopey and emotional about everything and ha...


Moms of Teenage Girls...

L.A. asks from Chattanooga

My daughter, who turned 16 last week, would like permission to go meet a boy who is 18 & lives in the next town over (30 min) whom she has never met before (except on...


Seeking Advice on Teen Step-daughter Issues

V.S. asks from Chicago

Hey Mamasource mamas, So here is the nitey gritey. I have a 15 yo step-daughter who lives with her mother. I have known her since she was 6yo. We have had our ups ...


Teen Daughter and 'Myspace'

H.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hello ladies! I have a 13 year old GREAT daughter. She is incredibly social and gets straight A's in school. The problem is that she wants a myspace. I have one, a...


Help I Have a Teenager.....

S.M. asks from Albany

I just wanted some advice on my teen just got her liscense and she thinks she should drive everywhere everyday...she is driving me crazy and she gets mad if I dont l...


Breast Hypoplasia Deformity in My 16 Yr Old

C.D. asks from Austin

Our 16 year old went to the breast specialist and was diagnosed with hypoplasia. While her right breast is a small A cup, her left is a large C..The smaller one has ...


Thumb Sucking

A.H. asks from Chicago

Good morning Momies, My little one, Jane, just turned 4 months old. She also turned to her thumb for comfort, I think. I am still not sure how to feel about it. M...


Help with TEENS Talking on the Phone Too Much!

V.M. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 14 going on 15 year old daughter who is obsessed with a boy and is on the phone almost non-stop from the time she gets home from school until late into the n...


Teen Daughter Not Willing to Have Contact

J.L. asks from Corvallis

My daughter was 11 when she moved in with her dad, and over two years later she still will not talk to me and/or see me. I have sent her some emails trying to make c...