Tee Ball

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Strange Sport Behavior

S.F. asks from Chicago

Just returned from my daughters t-ball event today embarrassed by her behavior and not sure on the best way to handle it. She wanted to sign up for t-ball since her...


Am I Getting My Soon to Be 7 Year Old into Too an Activity Overload?

M.J. asks from Phoenix

Hi moms. My son is 6 but will be 7 in July. I currently have him in Karate here in Tempe on Tues & Thurs evenings for an hour each session. I also have him in T-ball ...


Seeking Tball League for 3 Year Old Boy

A.B. asks from Kansas City

Hello everyone! My 3 year old son is so determined that he is going to play baseball this spring/summer, but I am having a hard time finding anywhere that has a 3 yea...


Looking for a Sports Program for My Four Year Old Boy

D.M. asks from Phoenix

I am looking for a sports program for my oldest son who is now 4. I am a stay at home mom and have two younger children also. We can't afford preschool, so I work wit...


5 Yo Hitting Other Kids

C.S. asks from Chicago

The past two weeks my once very sweet boy has started hitting kids. Over the weekend alone he hit his cousin (because she wouldn't play with him - his words), he hit ...


Little League Baseball Games and Practice Schedule Going Overboard?

T.E. asks from Birmingham

My son is 4, almost 5. He started at the age of 3 in T-ball and this year moved up to coach pitch. The last 2 years in T-ball we had 1 game and 1 practice a week, eac...


Reluctant to Participate

A.K. asks from Boston

My oldest son, who just turned 4.5 years old is on the shy side and has a hard time joining in group activities. He loves playing with kids and loves preschool, but ...


Sports for Little Kids in Tulsa Area

H.H. asks from Tulsa

Does anyone know of any places that have leagues for kids in sports. My son in 4, and my daughter is 7. Looking for t-ball, cheerleading, basketball.


It's Been a Rough Few Days

C.M. asks from Los Angeles

On Thursday, my son's t-ball coach and team mom (husband and wife) decide to quit because they felt that their son was "too advanced" compared to the other kids. It's...


Summer Soccer or Other Sport for 4 Year Old in South Hills

C.K. asks from Pittsburgh

My daughter is going to be 4 in April, and I would like some team activity for her to participate in during the summer. But I am not finding much. :-( I was think...