Tee Ball

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A.B. asks from Knoxville

My five year daughter is going to play t-ball this spring for the 1st time. What should i expect or be worried about.



E.S. asks from Dallas

I'm sure it's too early, but I'm looking for a way to get my sons into T-ball in the spring, in the Keller area. They'll be 4 in January. Does anyone have any recomme...


A Mom T Ball Coach?

M.M. asks from Minneapolis

I recently attended a Tiny T Ball game and saw that most of the Dads were "coaching" the kids on the field (complete with COACH t-shirts), while the Moms were watchin...


T Ball and Safety

K.J. asks from Johnstown

Tonight my Grandson had his first practice for T-Ball. He is four and the other kids are way more experienced. My concern is they were using regular baseballs and bat...



B.S. asks from Chicago

I am moving to the Glenview area in just over 1 week and having trouble finding a t-ball league for my 6 year old. We found Glenview Youth Baseball and were able to ...


T-ball: Quit or Finish It Out?

C.C. asks from Tallahassee

We signed our 4 year old son up for t-ball this year. We asked him ahead of time if he wanted to play and he said "Yes!" He seems to get bored when he is not part...



A.C. asks from Detroit

Hello mom's out there! Does anyone know where i can put my 5 yr old in t-ball? We live in chesterfield twp and i cant find anything online and he really wants to play...


Karate, Dance, T-ball.... Too Many Choices

C.S. asks from Houston

My daughter is about to turn 4 and I'd like to put her in an activity or class where she can have fun, learn something new and make new friends. But there are so many...


T- Ball Registration

T.G. asks from Dallas

hi, does anyone know where i go to register my 3yr old in t-ball. hurst,bedford,grapevine area? address or number would be great. thanks,T.


Toddler Baseball/ T Ball

S.B. asks from Chicago

I'm wondering if any of you know of any programs for toddlers for baseball or t ball. My son just turned 3 and LOVES to play baseball. I've heard of "diaper leagues...