Teddy Bears

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How to Clean Stuffed Animals

J.L. asks from Athens

My son received a dog from Build A Bear for his birthday this year and it looks as though its been run through more than a few messes. Does anyone have any suggestio...


Looking for Ideas for My 2 Year Old's Tea Party B-day

G.M. asks from Dallas

I know 2 sounds really young for a tea party birthday, but she loves playing tea party. She loves Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, so we want that to be part of the them...


3 Yr Old Masturbating?

M.G. asks from Washington DC

My daughter was rubbing herself down there with a toy. I asked her if there was any pain or itching and she said no, she just likes it, then she asked me to leave th...


A Girly Place for a 6 Year Old's Birthday Party...

S.V. asks from Los Angeles

Hi everyone... I am looking to throw my 6 year old a little party. I am looking for something girly. We were going to take her and 2 friends to Disneyland but other ...


Waking up in the Night - Sisters.

K.W. asks from Bangor

My youngest daughter has slept through the night since she was 2 weeks old. Just recently (about a month ago), she has started waking up in the night, either on her ...


Cute Ways to Tell Sex of the Baby?

A.G. asks from Houston

We recently found out our "expecting" friend couple are having a little party to discover the sex of their baby. They are getting the ultrasound, having the doc put t...


Ideas for Classroom Projects for Silent Auction

G. asks from Chicago

I am a room parent at my daughters school and we have a silent auction every year. I have a few ideas for a classroom project (handpainted tiles surrounding a mirror...


3 Year Old Sleep Issues

K.R. asks from New York

Help! My 3 year old wakes up crying every night somewhere between 3 and 5 am and won't go back to sleep. I have a 2 month old, so there have been a lot of changes in...


Gift for Expecting Sister-in-law

N.M. asks from Omaha

When I found out that I was pregnant my sister-in-law got a build a bear with a girl outfit and a boy outfit. My sister-in-law just found out that she is pregnant an...


2 1/2 Year Old Will Only Potty Naked

B.C. asks from Dallas

I used the 3 day potty training and it worked, but only in the house. She will feel the urge to go, and just go potty in the toilet if she's naked, but if she has pan...