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Ideas for Four Year Old Party for My Daughter in Miami...

M.M. asks from Miami

Anyone recommend ideas/entertainers/locations to have a party for a girl turning four? Appreciate it, as I recently moved to Miami, not sure what is good/bad... than...


Food for a Beach Party, Please Help!!

A.S. asks from Odessa

Hey ladies! I am having a backyard beach party for my going to be 2 year old son. His birthday will be at the beggining of July and during the lunch hour. Here's wher...


Looking for Ideas for My 2 Year Old's Tea Party B-day

G.M. asks from Dallas

I know 2 sounds really young for a tea party birthday, but she loves playing tea party. She loves Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, so we want that to be part of the them...


Proper Etiquette on Tipping at Children's Birthday Party

M.H. asks from Dallas

I am having my daughters birthday party at the teddy bear factory and wanted to know if I am supposed to tip the 2 employees that help with the party? One is the prev...


Almost 6 Year Old Wants a Surprise Birthday Party

K.S. asks from Tampa

Well, it's that time of year again! My youngest will be turning 6 in August. This year she says she wants a Surprise party! :) Question is this...I haven't had a p...


Seeking Ideas for 4-Yr Old Girl Birthday Party

C.G. asks from Dallas

My daughter is turning 4 on June 12th. We will be moving the following weekend into a new home, so obviously a home-based party will be a bit of a challenge this yea...


Need Craft And/or Party Favor Ideas for Kids 1 - 10 YO

W.R. asks from Roanoke

We're having a bday party this weekend and I'm completely behind on the planning. I have always come up with creative take home ideas in the past for the kids - ofte...


Ideas for ONE Goody-bag Gift for 5-Year-old Party?

E.G. asks from Chicago

A couple of moms and I are going in on a joint birthday party for our kids, who all turn 5 around the same time. We're looking for a good idea for a party giveaway, ...


Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for a 4 Year Old

A.P. asks from New York

I know it's a little early, but my son turns 4 the week before Christmas. It's such a tricky time of year, because everyone's so busy. For the past two birthdays, we'...


Looking for a Place to Hold First Birthday Party; West Bloomfld, Commerce Area

S.F. asks from Detroit

My daughter turns 1 in the beginning of May and I' m planning on it still being cold out. My house is too small for more than a few people and am looking for some ot...