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Any Birthday Ideas for a 4 Year Old's Costume Party?!

M.L. asks from Portland

Hello ladies! I have seen so much creativity and wisdom on this board, so I'm hoping if others brainstorm with me - I will be able to pull off a nice birthday party ...


Ideas for 3 Yr Old Party?

A.D. asks from Dallas

Okay, here's my issue: I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with what to do for my daughter's 3 yr birthday party. It's on August 1st, so it's likely going to be ver...


Birthday Party for 5 Year Old Girl

S.E. asks from Chicago

Any great ideas for a 5 year old's birthday party? She has mentioned Pump It Up but I'm trying to avoid it, I think! Haven't decided if this will be a boy/girl part...


1 Year Old Birthday Party

A.H. asks from Milwaukee

I am wondering if anyone has any creative ideas for my sons 1st birthday party....things they did, themes, games, food, etc? He will be turning one in July and just ...


Need Ideas for End of School Party

S.D. asks from Kansas City

WOW, school is almost over. Which means it's time for the END OF SCHOOL PARTY. I have had no problem planning any of the other school parties we've had, but for...


Valentine's Party, 3Rd Grade Classroom

B.F. asks from Chicago

Hi moms I volunteered for my son's 3rd Grade Valentine's party. I have never done this before and I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas for the party. ...


Hosting a 1 Year Old Birthday Party.

G.O. asks from Dallas

My son is about to turn 1 in november and i want to have a party for him that is really special. He is my first so I don't really have any major ideas. I really want ...


5Th Girl B-day Party

C.S. asks from Pensacola

Does anyone have any ideas for a 5 yr old b-day party, on a conservative budget @ home? Games, activities? We have a clubhouse w/ swings, slide & a sandbox, but I won...


Inexpensive 2 Yr Old Birthday Party Ideas WANTED

E.C. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter will turn 2 in April and I am looking for inexpensive party ideas. At this age you also have to entertain not only the kids, but the adults and it starts...


Birthday Party for a 7 Year Old Girl

L.P. asks from Dallas

I need help! My step-daughter is going to be 7 years old in February. We will have her the weekend of her birthday and would like to plan something special. My ste...