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Eye Infection in 7 Month Old

M.S. asks from Saginaw

Hello Mom's, I have a problem I cannot grasp.. My 7 month old has an eye infection, the doctor labeled it as "pink eye", and he prescribed antibiotic drops for his ey...


My Daughter Has ONE Watery Eye

S.M. asks from Los Angeles

I just noticed that my daughter's right eye is watery. Clear tears are constantly flowing from one eye. She is not in pain. She is coming up with a cold. Has runny n...


My 8 Month Old Woke up with Swollen Eyes

L.R. asks from Atlanta

my 8 month old woke up with swollen eyes.no runny nose or cough. has not been outside or around anything new.is acting normal. no dis coloration. no rash or fevor. no...


Stuff in Newborns Eye

J.C. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter is a little over a month old now and I have noticed a few times that there will be stuff laying rite on her actual eyeball. Like one day it was an eye boo...


Can You Recommend a Kid's Optomertrist? (Northside Chicago)

B. asks from Chicago

I need to take my son for a vision check up before he starts kindergarten. Can you recommend a kind and wonderful optomertrist for children? :) Thanks


Watery and Leaking Eye in 1 Year Old

A.A. asks from Boston

Hey ladies! Lookin for some advice here... My one year old son's right eye has been watering and producing "eye boogies" all day. He has no fever and the eye in not r...


Puffy Eye

E.H. asks from Chicago

Just wondering if anyone has any idea what's going on with my daughters eye! She is 19 weeks and I noticed this morning her left eye is puffy. Both lids and her eye...



J.T. asks from Charlotte

Hello! For the past couple of weeks or so, my baby has had one eye that always turns red when he eats something (like a bottle usually) and tears up. He doesn't have ...


Pink Eye

K.E. asks from Lincoln

I have a son, 15 mo old, and he has had pink eye over and over. it will clear up and then a week or two later, it comes back. My doc prescribes these drops to use f...


Tubes in Ears

C.C. asks from Kansas City

This is a question for my sister, her 1 year old daughter is going to have tubes put into her ears. What can she do to comfort her before the surgery being she can n...