Teaching Good Hygiene: Child

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Suggestions for Helping 5 Year Old with Hygiene Issues

J.A. asks from Boston

I am looking for suggestions to help me teach my 5 year old daughter good hygiene skills. She seems to have trouble with wiping herself although she is at the age wh...


6 Year Old with Infectious Dandruff???

L.A. asks from Pine Bluff

Hi, My 6 year old has had a really dry scalp for about 3 years now and it's just getting worse. Her scalp even bleeds. I've tried Dr. Miracle's on her and it really s...



A.R. asks from Knoxville

My husband leaves the house in the morning 3-5 days a week to go to work without brushing his teeth. It makes me sick!!! I discovered he was doing this several months...


Helping Teen with Beauty and Hygiene

J.G. asks from Columbus

I currently work with teenagers at my church. One teen in particular is a precious girl, who does wonderfully academically, and is just a great kid in general. Howev...


5 Year Old Girl with Hygiene Issues

A.R. asks from Kansas City

Hi ladies - I was wondering if anyone out there had a good idea how to get a 5 year old to start taking better care of herself. We have a doctor's appointment again ...


6 Year Old Smells His Fingers

H.C. asks from San Francisco

My 6 year old son smells his fingers many times a day. He has always liked to smell things, but I have noticed that this seems to have become some type of habit for ...


6 Year Old Who Is VERY Concerned with Hygeine

A.S. asks from St. Louis

My 6 year old is very concerned with his hygiene. As soon as he walks in the door after school the first thing he does is ask, "mommy, can I take a bath?" The part th...


Teaching a 5 Year Old Read

R.M. asks from Austin

I really want to focus on teaching my 5 year old to read this summer. What are the best resources for this? What websites are good?


6 Year Old with Scaly Patch on His Head

V.G. asks from Los Angeles

My 6 year old son has had some form of a scaly patch on his head since when he was born , then they called it cradle cap. Well now he is 6 and he still has a large pa...


6 Year Old... Pleased with NOTHING!!!

H.X. asks from Los Angeles

Hi ladies... I dont even know where to begin... we're on Winter Break... I have a 6 year old (just turned 6) and an almost 3 year old... the 3 year old is very easy ...