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Sippy Cups, Which Ones Are Best?

V.F. asks from Shreveport

My daughter is one. She does great with a sippy cup, but we have been using the nubby brand and it leaks out the top. I bought a munchkin one and learning curves th...


Holiday Gifts for Daycare

N.L. asks from Boston

My daughter is in daycare three days a week, and I wanted to get something nice for her teachers. Last year we did a card with Target gift card inside. It seems easie...


Seeking Websites for Girls' Clothing

M.B. asks from Springfield

My daughter is 5 and I have usually shopped at old navy, target and similar places for her school clothes. I occasionally have purchased from gymboree and the gap. Wo...


Miche Bags

M.T. asks from Kansas City

Anyone have one? Big, classic, small???? Worth the money? I am not a big Purse person, usually get them from target and walmart...=) I have been interested in the...


Hair Style for a Formal Dinner

L.L. asks from San Francisco

Hello mamas, My 14 year old daughter has a group formal dinner tonight with her class mates. She has long beautiful hair and wonders how she should style. I always w...


Bikes & Tricycles

M.S. asks from Chicago

hi i have tried craigslist and a few other sites but no luck on finding a little tricycle for my 15mo not looking for anything fancy or loo...


Need Ideas for a Good Hairdryer

T.R. asks from Minneapolis

I'm hoping you all can help me identify a really, really good hairdryer. I have very thick, coarse, curly hair and I rely on a hairdryer to straigten it. My current...


Seeking Nap Mat

S.E. asks from Houston

Hi moms, Does anyone know of a place in Houston where I can buy a nap mat? It seems that Target and Wal-Mart only carry them just before school starts. I've seen...


Where to Get a Good Maternity Swimsuit?

D.M. asks from Chicago

I am almost six months pregnant and my chest is already a "DD". I've looked at Kohls and JCPenny, Target and cannot find a suit that fits well. I am going on a short ...


Vsmile?? or Leapster

S.B. asks from Norfolk

Ok my kids really want one of these vSmile things but all the websites that I looked at (eg, Target, Walmart) have terrible reviews for it. Most complained that it wo...