Tantrums: Infant

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N.J. asks from Dayton

My 15 month old daughter throws a tantrum everytime I go shopping and set her in a cart or in her stroller. She is okay for about 15 minutes but after that she wants ...



S.M. asks from Los Angeles

Ok, so I know there are 500 questions out there about tantrums but I am hoping for some advice anyway. I have a daughter that is 17 1/2 months old. I know she is st...



S.C. asks from Denver

Hi Mamas, I need some help with tantrums. My son will be a year January 4th, and we are having a terrible time with diaper changes. For the past couple of months h...



S.L. asks from Champaign

I have a 18 month old little boy, who has been really easy going, until lately if he doesn't get his way he throws a tantrum. At home I can ignore him and leave the r...


Is This a Tantrum?

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

Recently, my 16 month old son has started crying much more frequently than he used to. It used to be that if he wanted something and we took it away, he'd cry but th...



B.F. asks from Pocatello

My daughters are best friends. But they could not be more different. Where the oldest has always been sweet and gentle, the baby is aggressive and bratty. She has bee...



A.P. asks from Provo

Hi I just wanted some advice on handling tanturms with my 10.5 month old baby girl. My daughter is a very happy, easy going little girl but she loves us to hold her h...


A tantrum...what To Do?

G.M. asks from Austin

We have a 16 month old that is throwing tantrums, sometimes mild ones and lately the kind you need an Indian doctor to stop her! She goes red in the face and screams...



J.B. asks from Los Angeles

my daughter is 16months and throws horrible screaming fits when she doesnt get what she wants (like my cell phone). its gets to the point where if im at home i have t...



J.B. asks from Springfield

I have a daughter who will be 2 next months and has recently started throwing huge tantrums that absolutely drive me nuts. She is speaking well and is perfectly capab...