Tantrums: First Response

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Tantrums ??

M.P. asks from Orlando

Moms-I'm desperate for help. My son is 2yrs 3mos old. He is a mild mannered boy but is particular about some things. He and his 5 year old sister have always gotten a...


Daddy and Toddler Tantrums

C.P. asks from San Antonio

Lately it seems that I am dealing with more than my three year olds tantrums. My husband gets just as wound up about her behavior and is so quick to respond by sendi...


Seeking Parenting Advice?

J.D. asks from Seattle

Hi, I have a 27 month old girl who just recently decided she does not want to go to bed. As soon as we lay her down she screams, kicks, jumps and yells and it goes o...



M.D. asks from Bangor

My son likes to argue and have tantrums at the drop of a hat, and some ppl are questioning me if he has ADD or if he is Bi-polar...I beg to differ and just say that i...


12-Yo Daughter Lashes Out, Then Sobs for Hours with “I’m Sorry” and “I C

M.H. asks from Chicago

My girl saw me and ex divorce around 3-4 yo, we have lived with stepdad to-be since age 7. She is jealous of him, guarding me protectively. As a preteen, she can cop ...


Single Mommy Needs Help

N.D. asks from Denver

My daughter just turned 5 and is really acting up lately!! Uncontrolable tantrums, screaming, kicking, saying she hates me... I am concerned and am searching for a ...


When Daddy Doesn't Support

K.D. asks from Scranton

My 4year is a strong-willed boy as I read about frequently here. I try to keep a reign on him with time-outs, taking away favorite things like TV or toys if he doesn...


14 Month Old Purposefully Slams Head into Floor

M.O. asks from Sacramento

My 14 month son gets very upset if we tell him "no" or move him if he is doing something inappropriate. Sometimes, he will become upset if we simply put him down (in...


4 Yr Old Daughter Screeches and Screams

J.P. asks from San Diego

It is obvious why our 4 yr old screeches and screams so much... she's doing it for attention. she has some big competition w/ all the attn her sisters require, who ar...


Seeking Advice Concerning Behavior

N.H. asks from San Diego

I have a wonderful little boy who'll be 4 in June who has been having a lot of difficulty with acting out at preschool. His teachers have had to spend a lot of time a...