Tantrums: Bath Toys

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Help with 2 Year Old Temper Tantrums

A.B. asks from Norfolk

I am looking for advise as to how I might handle my 18 month old. She went from being this calm, subdued, tranquil child to throwing temper tantrums over night. I jus...


20 Month Old Now Hates to Take Baths

J.W. asks from Toledo

My 20 month old has always loved her bath time, sometimes she would cry if we didn't let her take a bath. About a week ago, she stopped liking her bath time. She actu...


Bathtime Nightmare

K.D. asks from Boston

My 2 year old son has recently decided he doesn't like to take baths. When it is time for his bath, he throws a tantrum. I've tried making it fun for him by telling h...


2 Year Old Used to Love Bath Time, He Now Screams and Cries

F.A. asks from San Francisco

Hello, I have two boys. One is 5 and half years old and has always loved bath time. Has never complained and never said no. Even though he doesn't like getting his f...


Bath Time Troubles

V.K. asks from Sacramento

My daughter is almost 15 months old and hates taking a bath. I have changed her bathing routine several times to try to make her enjoy it more. This started many mo...


3Yr Old Not Wanting to Take a Bath

B.B. asks from Jacksonville

My eldest daughter just turned 3 yrs old 2 weeks ago. She loves to swim and use to love the bath. Lately she has been throwing the biggest temper tantrums over taking...


Parenting Magazine = AWFUL Parenting Tips!!!!!!!!!!!!

M.P. asks from Green Bay

Anyone get Parenting Magazine?? In their latest issue (April 2012), there is an article called "Bathtime Blues"...Got a reluctant bather under your roof? We've got ...


Does Anyone Do Infant Swim? Any Behavor Problems Durring the Days?

K.C. asks from Phoenix

My son is 2 years old, and just started Infant Swim a week ago, so he has had 5 lessons. He cried through all of them, and they say that is normal and the kids event...


Crabby Two Year Old Blues

K.C. asks from Columbia

Someone stole my sweet baby and replaced her with a crabby two year old. Shame on me for thinking we may be immune to the terrible twos and now here we are in all our...


27 Month Old with a Very Limited Diet, Bath Issues

B.S. asks from Houston

My son is 27 months old. He will eat very little table food. I need help. Here is a list of what he will eat: Yobaby yogurt (He pretty much lives on this---eating ab...