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Child Won't Talk to Grandparents! Help!

T.T. asks from Raleigh

My son is 3 yrs. old. He sees my parents approximately every other week and my husband's parents about once a month. My parents live one hour away and my inlaws liv...


Let's Talk Kundalini.

K.H. asks from New York

Not necessarily a Mom question but a human question and then a Mom question. Kundalini? Looking for any all stories and shares from those that have encountered and de...


Help with Sexting Talk...

T.S. asks from Dallas

Hello Mamas, I am reaching out to yall because I know you always can offer me the best help. I am step mother to an 11 yr old dtr in 6th grade and birth mother to a...


Birds and Bees Talk

K.P. asks from Washington DC

My 8 yo daughter keeps asking where babies come from and how they get in your tummy,etc. and is being more persistant with questions. At what age should I give "the t...


2 Year Old Not Talking

P.B. asks from Cincinnati

Our son who is 25 months old still isn't talking much. He's had his hearing checked and there was nothing wrong with it. He was evaluated for services and qualified...


Really Dissapointed in My Friend, Should I Talk to Her?

J.B. asks from Houston

Thanks everyone! We totally talked, and we are just fine. She was in a tough place yesterday and so was I. Thanks for the help mamas, and for letting me vent!


18 Mo Won't Talk

P.K. asks from Las Vegas

Ok Moms I have asked this question at 12 months, 15 months, and now again at 18 months. Should I be concerned that my 18 month old son doesn't talk? When did your l...


Talking to People Who Are Wearing Sunglasses.

S.T. asks from Houston

I have had several occasions lately to talk to people who are wearing sunglasses, and I find it really awkward, I don't know where to look at them because I can't see...


I Need to Have "The Talk" with My S

D.S. asks from Columbus

Hello all, I think it's about time for me to have "the talk" with my 9½ yro son, can anyone recommend a book or a guide that I can look into for guidance? It’s be...


17 Month Old Not Talking

E.H. asks from Orlando

I was just wondering what i could do to get my 17 month old son to start talking... he does say mama and dadda and all done but other than that we can not really make...