Talking & First Words

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When to Have "The" Talk??

Hi Ladies, My daughter will turn 9yo this summer, and entering 4th grade in the fall. When do I have "THE" talk with her? She is not developing yet, but I want her to be prepared when the girls in school start talking about it. I have the American Girl book "the care and keeping of me", but have not read it with her yet. My mom never talked to me about anything. I learned from an afterschool program,in the 4th grade, it was the late 70's so there was not a whole lot of info. I learned more from my older sister and my friends. My...


Talking over Me.

I have a good friend and I have to say she has been my rock over the past...


Having the "Talk"

I have a DD who will be 13 next week. I have never had "the talk" and...


I Talk to Myself

At times I talk to myself while I work. I never really noticed this quality...

Babble & First Words

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6.5 Month Old Does Not Babble

Hi all, So, I know it is very early to be worried... but every book or milestone says that by 4 months babies start saying syllables "ahh" "daa" "mmaa" whatever and repeating or "answering" to parent talk with some sort of babble. My 6.5 month old never makes any sort of syllable sounds or answers. She does make a lot of screaming (happy screams), grunting or coughing like sounds but usually when she is playing alone. Should I be worried? Has anyone else had a similar experience where their baby reached the babble milestone late and...

Sign Language

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Baby Sign Language

I was reading about teaching/using sign language with babies but was wondering if anyone had tried it and how it was working?


Sign Language Book

I have a 6 month old and I am ready to start teaching her sign language. ...