Taking Temperature

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Relaxer/straightener or Thermal Relaxer

S.G. asks from Seattle

Can anyone tell me the difference between simple relaxer/straightener and the thermal relaxer. I want to get my hair straightened with simple relaxer treatment (hair ...


Thermachoice Uterine Abilation...

C.W. asks from Phoenix

i'm just went to the ob and im thinking of a uterine abilation. i am very eneimic and have very heavy periods with big clots. so im looking into it i know it isnt 100...


Hot Thermos Lunch Box Ideas

S.C. asks from New York

Does anyone suggest any thermos or any items used that keep lunch warm with several compartments?


Taking Temperatures

C.D. asks from St. Louis

Am I the only mom who can't take a temperature? My daughter is 3. We've never had luck getting a consistent temp. We do it a bunch of times and take the highest. I lo...


Help - Our Thermostat Needs Repair

J.B. asks from Dallas

Hi, Our thermostat is broken so we cannot turn on our downstairs furnace. Can anyone recommend a good reasonable company to come replace the thermostat unit?



C.H. asks from Buffalo

How do you check for a fever, reliably, without a thermometer? are there any other signs of a fever? on myself, sorry, and i would uses thermometer, if i had one, b...


Post-pregnancy Sagging Tummy Skin - Has Anyone Heard of Thermage Treatments?

T.F. asks from Seattle

Has anyone tried Thermage treatments in lieu of a tummy tuck and did it work? How many treatments did it take and was it costly? Although my stomach is muscular and...


Thermos Containers for Soups Etc.

T.F. asks from Dallas

has anyone figured out the trick to keeping food warm in these containers? i heat them up super hot but, still hear that it wasn't hot when lunch time came. Any tips?...



M.O. asks from New York

Hi! I'm having my 1st baby in February and before I even start on a baby registry I wanted to ask experienced moms out there, as far as health and safety for newborn...


Taking a 1 Year Old's Temperature

N.S. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi All! I was just wondering what everyone felt was best for checking a toddlers temperature. I am currently using an ear thermometer and I'm not sure just how accu...