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13 Month Old Gagging on Table Food

L.D. asks from Las Vegas

my 13 month old has been gagging on table food and consequently throwing up what he has choked on and everything else that's in his stomach. it does not matter what ...


13M Toddler Throwing Food off Table

B.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all. My 13-month-old daughter is swiping all the food off of her highchair table when eating. I know it's normal but it's also not the nicest behavior and makes ...


Picky Eater or Just Not into Table Food?

M.K. asks from Seattle

Hi Moms. I have a super cute, funny, happy 15-month old son who loves all baby food from the jar and milk from a bottle only. We have been trying to get him to ea...


When Is Baby Ready to Switch from 1St Foods to 2Nd ???

L.B. asks from Lima

I have an 8 mos old - she has been on Gerber 1st foods for about 30 days. My question is, when do you advance to the 2nd foods?? There just isn't much variety in t...


My Daughter Refuses to Sit at the Peanut Free Table?

C.M. asks from Salt Lake City

She has severe peanut allergies (anaphylactic). We have been trying over a month to get her to sit there (rewards and consequences) and the school is not allowed to g...


11Month Old Refusing Soild Foods

J.J. asks from Austin

My 11 month old has always been a voracious eater. After a series of ear infections and a GI virus, she has decided that table foods are not for her. Breakfast and di...


13 Month Old Won't Eat Solid Foods

M.L. asks from Dallas

My 13 month old eats solid foods (baby foods), but won't eat any type of solid foods. He hates the texture of it. I am stumped as to what to do. It would be nice t...


Paper Plates "Stained" My Solid Cherry Table, Help!

T.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi moms, This is so weird! We ate in our dining room the other night using paper plates (the heavy kind, like chinet.) When we cleared the table there were cloudy ...


Help Me with Table Food Menu for Bf, Lunch, and Dinner ; )

M.1. asks from Los Angeles

Hi everyone!! My son is 9 months and we tried table food again last night and is doing great : ) any way I feel like I am clueless on what to. Feed him for meals and ...


10 Month Old Will Eat Solids but Not Table Food

L.D. asks from Dallas

Need some help 10 month old daughter loves her solids but will not eat table food. We normally give her some puffs or crunchies after her solid but she neve...