Table Foods: Infant

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Finger Foods

J.S. asks from Los Angeles

my twins are now 9 months old and the only finger foods i have gave them are the puffs and those messy cookies. What other foods are there that i can give them and no...


When to Feed Baby Foods

T.H. asks from Dallas

I have a 4 1/2 month when should she start eatting baby foods?She is not getting enough from formula.


Solid Foods

B.N. asks from Boca Raton

Okay, my daughter went for her 9 month well check yesterday and the doctor said to start feeding her table foods at dinner time. Mind you, my daughter has almost 6 t...


Finger Foods

B.L. asks from Atlanta

Hello, I have a 10 1/2 month old daughter who is starting on the table foods. I was looking for some good finger food and table food ideas that are quick and easy. S...


Can I Start Giving My 11 Month Old New Table Foods?

P.V. asks from Los Angeles

I have been feeding my baby solids since he was 5 months old. Although I still breastfeed my baby I am introducing new foods all the time in a gradual way. Among the ...


Eleven Month Old Having Problems with SOME Table Foods

E.G. asks from Pittsburgh

My eleven month old daughter is gagging and vomiting some of her table foods. She eats puffs, crackers, macaroni, and most fruit diced up perfectly fine. BUT, some ...


Table Foods for 9 Month Old

E.B. asks from Chicago

Per the advice of our pediatrician, we are skipping Stage 3 foods and are going right to table foods for our 9 month old daughter. She has 8 teeth and seems to do we...


Lumpy Foods

S.S. asks from Lansing

My 11 mo. old only has two teeth. She is pretty good at mashing foods with her gums (like fruit puffs and toast). I'm having a really hard time getting her to eat foo...


Solid Foods

K.P. asks from Cleveland

I am going to start introducing solids foods to my son soon seeing as he will be 4 months old in a few days and i was wondering how to feed it to him...Does he get a ...


How Do You Feed Your Baby Table Food?

D.J. asks from Atlanta

When our babies start eating table food but dont have many teeth yet, we all have different ways of feeding them. Some do it the most sanitary way by useing a blender...