Swim Diapers: Preschooler

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Swim Diapers with No Dye in Them?

M.F. asks from Pittsburgh

Hello ladies! Here's the deal: My 18 mos. old daughter is allergic to the dye inside diapers. Luckily, we have found that Giant Eagle brand diapers contain no dye o...


Very Messy Dirty Diapers in Swim Diapers

B.P. asks from Washington DC

Just wondering if anyone out there has any advice. We joined our community pool this year and, for the past two visits, my son (age 2) has had a dirty diaper while w...


3 Year Old Play

M.M. asks from Buffalo

What does your 3 year old do all day? My DD doesn't seem interested in anything. I have tried to initiate activities and let her do that on her own, and she still see...


Potty Training a 4 Year Old

J.M. asks from Pittsburgh

So I feel like the worlds worst mom. My daughter is 4 and wants nothing to do with the potty, I feel like everyone is talking about me and pressuring me because she ...


Smile's Diapers

B.H. asks from Washington DC

Has anyone tried the Smile's brand diapers from Sam's Club? I was recently shopping there and noticed that it's a $15 difference between the box of Smiles and the bo...


Son Only Wants to Swim Naked

B.P. asks from New York

Hi moms, My son will be 2 years and 5 months old next week. He is tall and slim so he looks like a 3 year old but is not even 2 1/2. He is a good boy and do...


Overnight Potty Training for My 4 Year Old Daughter

S.B. asks from Pueblo

Hi- My almost 4 year old daughter has been daytime potty trained since she was 2 with no problems. My problem is getting her through the night without an accident. Sh...


Swim Lessons for Almost 3 Yr Old

B.K. asks from San Antonio

Has anyone used the Love to Swim School? If so, I'm wondering about your experience there. I'm thinking about enrolling my almost 3 year old daughter in some swim l...


Staying Home W/ a Baby and a 4 Yo?

L.N. asks from Fort Myers

Does anyone have any experience with this? My husband and I have a 3 yo son and are thinking it's time to start trying for another. Of course, by the time #2 is born ...


Cloth Diapers

L.G. asks from Houston

We are due with our first child in Oct 2011 and are thinking about cloth diapering. I have looked a little bit online, but the information seems overwhelming! Can any...