Swim Diapers: Pampers

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Swim Diapers

J.L. asks from Los Angeles

I never knew pampers had their own version of swim diapers. I think they were called splashers? Has anyone tried these swim diapers and liked them? I have only ever b...


Swim Diapers

T.F. asks from Orlando

I was invited by a friend to swim at her community pool, but my 9 month old hadn't pooped yet that day, so I was afraid to take him in the water. He has an adorable b...


Maternity Swimsuit & Swim Diapers

N.O. asks from Chicago

Hi, My 23 month old and I are taking a swimming class in Jan. I'm due in March with our second. I'm looking for a suit that will fit my belly (I'm not huge but I...


Swim Diaper

V.T. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a swim diaper for children less than 16 lbs? I am looking for something for the summer time. My daughter is 5 weeks and 9 1/2 lbs now so I don't...


Swim Diapers for a 9 Month Old

K.T. asks from Dallas

We are getting ready for a little summer fun at the pool, and wondered if anyone has any words of wisdom in regards to a swim diaper for a 17 lb. baby girl? The smal...


Uh...which Is the Front on the Swim Pants?

3.M. asks from Chicago

At the pool, my daughter wears Pampers Spashers Swim Diapers with Dora pictured. I'm not sure which way to put them on. Should the pic of Dora be on the front or on t...


Swim Diapers-which Kind/brand Work?

J.J. asks from San Francisco

Hi Ladies. My daughter is 11 months old on June 1st. The weather is finally warm enough to begin swimming. I really would like to find a swim diaper that is reusabl...


Smile's Diapers

B.H. asks from Washington DC

Has anyone tried the Smile's brand diapers from Sam's Club? I was recently shopping there and noticed that it's a $15 difference between the box of Smiles and the bo...


Toddler Swim Diaper

B.R. asks from Dallas

Our son is almost 18 months. What type of swim diaper do you use while swimming? We are in the pool a lot over the summer and I wanted to see what other moms do for...


Looking for Diapers

J. asks from Dallas

It's been 5 years since my son was born and I had to deal with buying baby diapers. I am expecting another baby in December and am going to start stocking up now. My ...