Swim Diapers: Child

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Swim Diapers

J.L. asks from Los Angeles

I never knew pampers had their own version of swim diapers. I think they were called splashers? Has anyone tried these swim diapers and liked them? I have only ever b...


Swim Diapers

J.S. asks from Boston

ok i have a silly question. what is the purpose of the swim dipes? i've tried two different kinds on my 10 month old and they both leak pee. i know this b/c she peed ...


Swim Diapers with No Dye in Them?

M.F. asks from Pittsburgh

Hello ladies! Here's the deal: My 18 mos. old daughter is allergic to the dye inside diapers. Luckily, we have found that Giant Eagle brand diapers contain no dye o...


Very Messy Dirty Diapers in Swim Diapers

B.P. asks from Washington DC

Just wondering if anyone out there has any advice. We joined our community pool this year and, for the past two visits, my son (age 2) has had a dirty diaper while w...


When Your on Your Period Would You Swim ?

L.D. asks from Phoenix

if your on your period or a child started at 14 ............and does not use tampons, would you let her swim ? do you swim with out ? Do you believe it is fine to s...


Disposable Vs. Reusable Swim Diapers??

L.A. asks from Boston

This summer I have access to a pool and hope to take my one-year old son there for some fun. I'd love to hear more experienced mom's weigh in on the pros and cons of ...


Disneyland with 1 and 5 Year Old

E.F. asks from Los Angeles

So going to attempt the parks with both girls in June, Disneyland and CA Adv for the first time with kids. Doing 3 days, 3 nights, so 1 year old can still nap during...


Toddler Swim Diaper

B.R. asks from Dallas

Our son is almost 18 months. What type of swim diaper do you use while swimming? We are in the pool a lot over the summer and I wanted to see what other moms do for...


Cloth Diapers

M.C. asks from Chicago

I am looking to change from diposable diapers to cloth diapers but I am overwhelmed with all of the choices there are for diapers and covers. I am looking to make thi...


Cloth Diapers

A.P. asks from Denver

I realize that there are many options out there! I am pregnant with our third child and after purchasing disposable diapers for the first two kids I am now consideri...