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When Is Time to Stop Swaddling?

E.R. asks from Washington DC

My 5.5 month old will only sleep soundly when swaddled. I've tried with one arm and that works sometimes, but at night she really won't go down without the full swadd...


Looking for Good Quality Receiving Blankets.

S.F. asks from San Diego

I am pregnant with my 3rd child and due any day now. My other two children were born in late winter so I swaddeled them with fleece blankets that had some stretch in...


Swaddle Vs. No Swaddle

L.L. asks from Dallas

I have a 3 1/2 month old that we are still swaddling during naps and nighttime. She sleeps great if she stays in the swaddle but if she breaks free, which happens a ...


2 Month Old Having Trouble Sleeping

L.A. asks from Houston

My two month old is surprisingly alert and awake a lot more than I expected her to be at this age. During the day she will fall asleep for anywhere from 30 minutes to...


4 Week Old Hates Car

A.P. asks from Chicago

Hello! Looking for some help! My 4 week old screams when she is in her car seat and it only gets worst when we put her in the car. She will scream for the whole car r...



S.B. asks from Atlanta

My 4 1/2 month old son has been sleeping, while swaddled, through the night since 6 weeks. He has always slept great during the night and during all naps! However, ...


Newborn Won't Sleep Anywhere but on Us

H.K. asks from Chicago

Hi, I have a one week old little boy and he will not sleep in his bassinette, crib, swing, papasan chair - anywhere but on us. I sleep sitting up in a glider with h...



J.M. asks from Spartanburg

My daughter is 12 weeks old. She has been swaddled since birth. She was doing fine with it until the past week. She has been able to get out of her swaddle no matter ...


Gift Registry for Twins

R.T. asks from Orlando

I am throwing a shower for my cousin in a few weeks and she needs help with a registry. She is expecting twin girls and I while I can help with all of the basics I w...


7 Weeks Old & Wants to Be Held 24/7

K.S. asks from Austin

My son is 7 week old he will only let you put him down for 5-10 min. at a time, he does have silent acid reflux. When we put him in anything (even upright in his swin...