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Seeking Pediatric Behavioral Specialist

J.S. asks from Hartford

I suspect that my 4 1/2 yr old has Asperger's Syndrome/Disorder, and I'm trying to find a specialist to diagnose her. I can't seem to get an appointment at the CT Ch...


Looking for an Adult Orthopedic Surgeon

B.H. asks from Tampa

My husband had a torn meniscus and thought he was going in for a procedure to trim the tear...well, the dr. ended up repairing it and due to the miscommunication betw...


Seeking Fertility Specialist

B.D. asks from San Francisco

Looking for recommendations for a good fertility specialist. Think my issue may be a nutritional imbalance. Don't want to do IVF and have already tried fertility meds...


Pain Management Specialist?

J.V. asks from Allentown

Long story short, my husband has had long standing problems with his neck. He recently saw another neuologist who wants to send him to a pain management specialist. ...


Medical Bill

D.C. asks from Lubbock

ii live in texas and i have 8000.00 in medical bills after insurance. i called and tryed to make payment arrangements. they said i had to pay $100.00 a monh which i c...


Medical Record

C.R. asks from New York

Hi my name is C. I have a 2 year old son.He follows the doctors @ the pediatric in Stamford. He's been getting sick a lot, everytime I took him there they never reall...


Any Allergy Specialist in NE Phoenix

S.H. asks from Phoenix

I am getting pretty tired of my allergies and have decided its time to go to the next step and search out a specialist for them. My Dr has prescribed many different n...


Time to See a Fertility Specialist?

A.D. asks from Philadelphia

I had an early miscarriage/chemical pregnancy last September, and we started TTC again in November. I've been charting most months, and have a very regular cycle; we'...


Advice on Going to Specialist

D.K. asks from Lancaster

Hi Ladies. I have a 4 yr. old who is very bright, since he was a baby he would flap his arms when he got excited. At first we thought it was just his way of showing e...


Pediatric Sleep Specialist

R.B. asks from Boston

Hi, I am looking for a pediatric sleep specialist for my 2.5 year old daughter. HAs anyone seen anyone they loved or hated? We are still waiting for a call back from ...