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ADHD Support Froup for Young Children in Frisco Area

A.S. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a support group for very young children diagnosed with adhd in the frisco area? I need to network and just talk with other parents of preschool/ki...


Looking for Breast Cancer Support

S. asks from Philadelphia

looking to talk to others with cancer to share thoughts, and services and treatment available in this area to low income women in need


Juveniel Diabetes - Type 1

S.N. asks from Atlanta

Hello everyone. I have posted several times diff't questions re: my son who is 16 months now. It is with great sad I write he was diagnosed w/ type 1 juvenile diab...


Coping with Children While Enduring Cancer Treatment

K.F. asks from Los Angeles

Just need some input on how to deal with me 8 and 13 year old during cancer treatment. I am 44 years old and a single mother. I have breast cancer and am currently ...


Gestational Diabetes

M.S. asks from Washington DC

Hi everyone, I just found out I have gestational diabetes. I am 28 weeks, with my 2nd child. It was a complete surprise since I don't have any of the symptoms or ri...


My Son Has ADHD

K.H. asks from Santa Fe

I am a single parent and my son has been diagnosed with ADHD. He is having severe behavior problems in school as well as at home. His behavior is affecting him acade...


Support Group for Borderline Special Needs?

R.M. asks from Memphis

My son has some problems that really get to me, but he doesn't fit into any of the usual categories for special needs. He has just one or two symptoms each of ADD, O...


Obama Decision to Support Gaye Marriages

E.J. asks from Atlanta

Ive just heard that Obama have decided to support gaye marriages..what is your opionion? Ive heard everything from "He will do anything to get more voters" to "Wow, h...


A Boy with ADHD, Mom's Tired of Yelling

N.M. asks from Chicago

If anyone could help me, I will listen and take any pointers. My son was finely diagnosed with ADHD. He is 6 1/2 years old. It's been a very long process to finally g...