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ADHD Support

C.H. asks from Omaha

I will be going to my sons Ped. tomorrow to discuss the chance that he has ADHD ( i am almost positive that it will be a "he does" answer). I am scared to death. I d...


17 Year Old Wants to Drop Out of Track

B.W. asks from Milwaukee

I guess I'm not looking for advice since I know how I'm going to handle this, maybe just support that I'm doing the right thing! My 17 year old daughter (a junior)ca...


Support Groups for Adhd Parents

R.F. asks from New Orleans

I have a 7 year old with ADHD/Impulsivity who has trouble focusing at school. He is on medication. Any suggestions on how to help him focus at school?


Seeking Moms' in Autism Support Groups

F.S. asks from Fayetteville

Just requesting some support and tips on how to deal with an autistic child. I learn something new everyday.


How Do You Know When to Test for ADD or ADHD

C.M. asks from St. Louis

Hi, I am very frustrated with my 8 1/2 yr old son. I don't know if he just is stubborn and doesn't want to listen to me, or if something is wrong as far as his atte...


ADD / ADHD Help!

S.W. asks from Dallas

My 5 year old son was just dianosed with ADHD. We have been having a lot of behavior issues at school and home. After several months I finally talked with Pedi abou...


Help Support

R.K. asks from Jacksonville

Has anyone had to deal with their child being sexually abused? I need some support and or advice.


Need Some Support

E.C. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies: been a lurker at the site for awhile but decided to ask for some support. I need some words of wisdom about how to get more joy out of my current situation...


Looking for Information on ADHD / ADD Diet

K.P. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 10 year old son that has been diagnosed with ADD and has been on medication since he was 9. Originally we had him on Concerta, but switched to Vyvanse due t...


Advice on How to Handle a Sexually Active 16 Year Old Girl.

D.L. asks from Dallas

My 16 year old daughter was recently found to be sexually active. My husband and I of course are now worried that she will get pregnant. We have decided to take her...